Hello world…

…that’s how I start almost any new project. Oh, but I wish it was that easy… I suck at intros, badly. I really don’t know what to write for an introduction. My english is terrible. And it  wouldn’t be appropriate to write too much for my first post, something like why I am writing anway, so I’ll just post some basics about me: 21 years old, male. Ambitious which makes it hard to find some time for writing the blog. A bit lazy which changes >>hard<< , from previous sentence, to >>almost impossible<< (procrastination is what bothers me, google it). A dreamer with big plans, that are often left for tommorow (that never comes). I like photography a lot, although the only thing I possess is a compact camera.  But there is some joy in taking a beautiful picture with minimum equipment. Hmm, what else…? I think this will do for now.

In my next post I will explain why I created this blog.