I was riding my bike on a peaceful off-road path that is usually empty, but since today was beautiful sunny Sunday, it was quite busy with people, and every now and then somebody had to make path for the cyclists.

While passing some older couple, obviously irritated…
Wife: -“It is very busy here.” (looking at me)
Husband: -“Yeah, motherfuckers…”

I laughed inside myself, as I was thinking practically the same thing. Well, you are part of the crowd, too.


Losing a loved one

It feels like a bad dream. It wasn’t sudden, but it wasn’t expected neither. I caught myself thinking how I should visit you, because I haven’t seen you for days. Then something strikes my thoughts, the feeling that something’s not right. And I remember… You’re gone. I will never see you again. Today I found out it could’ve been avoided, but someone just didn’t care. Someone pretending to be human being specialized in saving lives…

But then, who knows why it happened… You are saved now from this world and its unfairness. I will always carry you in my heart, remembering your smile…