Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Dear reader, may peace and love follow you wherever you go, may light shine upon your path wherever you step,  may heart be your guidance and your good deeds shield that will protect you from heaviest rains. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year filled with happiness and success.


Winter holidays


Filled with shiny lights and decorations, even at winter days my city exude warmth. There is something special about it, when you walk through the streets just before Christmas, and you see, at least for the moment, happy and fulfilled faces out-top those cold and unsatisfied. Even if the reason of their smile are presents that they just bought, and now they dream how they will wrap them at home, give them to their closest ones and make smile on their faces as well. In fact, rarely is a reason so beautiful…

Yesterday day I spent mostly searching for right presents, walking through half the city. I bought them, but they aren’t quite what I had in mind. It’s getting challenging to find something useful and not spend small fortune on it. Nevertheless, they are filled with love. And I couldn’t resist, so in the evening I took a walk with my camera, and forever frozen some moments on those shiny streets.

Oh, and all the grumpy faces my eye caught here and now? This part of the year is a living nightmare for lonely souls, because it seems that everyone around them are ideal, happy etc., and they are the black sheep among good. But lets not forget – no one can hurt you if you don’t allow it. Will you allow it?