Gotta love December!

Ah, December… The month of lots of cakes, cookies and warm mulled wine. Mmmm…

A month ago I tried to go on a healthier diet with cutting as much sugar as possible from the meals. The timing was a little bit bad as December turns out to be quite a challenge for those participating in healthier lifestyle – everything seems to conspire against your strong will 😀

In my city, there are Christmas food stands at every corner luring you with all kind of goodies to come closer and take one small piece. So you come and say, wellll, just one smalll bite, hey it’s December after all.
And before you know it, you find yourself going from stand to stand, trying all sorts of food and drinks.

Then you visit your friends and relatives and of course, you don’t turn your nose away when they offer a cookie or two. Or ten 🙂

And so passes sweet December…

P.S But I’ll proudly say that these chocolate balls from the picture are my work and have very low sugar content, yet they are still delicious 😛



<nothing to see here, feel free to skip this one. seriously. or don’t. your choice.>

I don’t know why, but as long as I’m not having a weekly routine of writing on my wordpress, all these sheets of texts in my head never see the light of day.

And here’s the thing… there’s something that I’ve learned about myself when it comes to writing – if I don’t make myself publish something within a reasonable time, say a month or less; the whole thing with the writing goes on a looong postponement period.

As I like writing, that sucks, but what sucks even more is getting back on the tracks again. Not sure how to explain this, but the first post or two after long inactivity… it just lacks the feeling of “being at home”, it’s a bit uncomfortable… So purpose of this one is just to warm things up and make me feel alive again.

I’m alivee. I’m aaliveeeee! 🙂


Oh brother. Five months nothing and all I come up with next is a photo of this pigeon I’ve taken somewhere in the city. Who’s the worst blogger ever 😀

I’ll put some text in the next one… I actually have a lot of topics I wanted to write about, but never did due to my laziness / procrastination, so I postponed it for some better times. Well, time is now. Or tomorrow. Or in a week or two 😀